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Tga Space Dawg



I decided to try TGA SpaceDawg and will also try a few other TGA strains in the near future, due to Subcool's generosity and the awesome results I had with Querkle and with the Qush I received for free to do a test grow.


I don't have much space and have a gazillion things I should be working on rather than more strains. I just could not wait, so I germinated only two seeds of the SpaceDawg. Both seeds germinated within two days.


2. Germinating Space Dawg  2012 07100043

3. Germinating Space Dawg  2012 07100044

Here they are sprouting in 12 ounce cups with my own organic soil mixture.


4. Sprouts Space Dawg 2012 07100051


After sprouting, I put a zip lock sandwich baggie over each cup. Within a week after, I will cut the corners of the baggies off. About a week after that, I remove the baggies.


5. Baggie For tent Space Dawg 2012 07130001

6. 12 Oz cups Space Dawg 2012 07210004

This greatly increases the odds of the plants becoming female by reducing stress. Also, a minimum of 12 ounce cup is required to reduce stress. So far by using these methods, it has kept my female percentage to well above 80%.


My last grow journal was with TGA Qush. I only germinated two seeds and got two females and two different phenotypes.


Here they are transplanted into small flower pots. You can clearly see that one is short and one is tall. I am hoping I have two different phenotypes.


7. 5 weeks Space Dawg 2012 08140020

8. 5 weeks Space Dawg 2012 08140021

When I last did the Qush, both plants looked the same, one was tall and the other short. However, they were completely different after flowering.


Getting close to identifying pre-flowers. I leave the veg lights on 24/7. I am only using fluorescent tubes for vegging.


9. 7 weeks Space Dawg 2012 09140002

10. 7 weeks Space Dawg 2012 09140001

The plants have been identified. They are both female.


These pictures are of the Qush pre-flowers. The SpaceDawg pre-flowers look the same. I would take pictures of the SpaceDawg pre-flowers, but my camera does not like to cooperate on close ups. The Qush close ups will have to suffice. The most important thing is that the SpaceDawg plants are female. Now we will keep our fingers crossed for no hermies!

Qush 1 preflower zoom  2012 02260002

Qush 1 preflower 2012 02260004


SpaceDawg, getting close, I will be taking cuttings of each phenotype. As soon as the cuttings take root I will start flowering out the two SpaceDawg phenotypes in my smaller 600W HPS closet. There will probably be one Qush and one Querkle in the closet as well. That will give me a flower closet full of TGA gear!

11. 10 weeks Space Dawg 2012 09140017

12. 10 weeks Space Dawg 2012 09140018

13. 10 weeks Space Dawg 2012 09140019


Unfortunately, they have suffered a bit of neglect due to my lack of space. I am sure they would be twice as big had I been able to give them each my full attention. I really did not want them grow too fast because my 600W closet is not air conditioned and I can only run it 6-8 months out of the year. The weather is getting cooler and I am ready to fire it up.


To be continued.....


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Well, things have been kind of slow. I have been keeping all of my plants on life support lately. I couldn't fire up my 600W closet until now. Have been waiting on the weather and a few other factors.


The plants are a lot smaller than they should be, which was intentional on my behalf.


I dry stressed them continuously to slow the growth down and also they endured a lack of adequate lighting.


Now I am through all that BS and here is where the fun begins!


I have them transplanted and placed in the flower closet. It will be about a week or so before I flip them to 12/12 and start flowering.


Right now, all of the plants in my 600W HPS flower closet are TGA strains. Also, they all range between 28" and 31" in height as of today.


Here are some pics and hopefully they all get prettier from this point on!


14. 17 weeks Space Dawg Pheno 1 2012 11010004

15. 17 weeks Space Dawg Pheno 2 2012 11010003

16. Qush Space Dawg Querkle preparing To flower 2012 11010002

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So here we are 10 days after being put into the flower closet, two days after beginning 12/12 lighting schedule. Look how much they have all filled in only after 10 days!


17. Qush SpaceDawg Querkle 2012 11110026


Can't wait, in approximately 60 days I will be trying some TGA SpaceDawg! and yes, I did take cuttings, and made sure they took root before putting them into the flower closet.

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Little update. Now approximately 20 days after beginning 12/12.


I am very happy. I definitely have two very different phenotypes of SpaceDawg. I will probably continue to clone whichever one I like better. I have heard that the SnowDawg dominant phenotype is the better one, but I don't know if SnowDawg is the shorter or taller one.


Phenotype 1: Reasonably short vegetative growth plant. After switching to 12/12, this one stretched quite a bit.

19. SpaceDawg Pheno 1 2012 11240028



Phenotype 2: In vegetative growth, looked very similar to phenotype 1, a short stocky plant. After switching to 12/12 there was virtually no stretch. This is preferable to me, but does not always determine to be the phenotype I want. I hope this does turn out to be my keeper, I prefer the lower stretch plants, mostly for convenience.

20. SpaceDawg Pheno 2 2012 11240029



Here I have trimmed the lower branches on the whole crop in the closet. This helps with airflow, helps reduce the possibility of mold, helps control any bug break outs, and also helps the rooting system dedicate growth to the upper buds.

21. Qush SpaceDawg Querkle trimmed lower branches 2012 11240020


Here are a couple pictures of the whole crop. All TGA gear :)


18. Qush SpaceDawg Querkle 2012 11240026

22. Qush SpaceDawg Querkle 2012 11240015



With my 600W HPS 3' x 4' grow room, it is built utilizing all internal walls, which keeps the room warmer and reduces the extra color on the buds and leaves. I get a lot more color when I use my other closet which is built on outside walls, especially during the cooler months.



To be continued...

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Weekly update:


Here are a couple pictures of the crop, as you can see, flowers are forming nicely.

23. Qush SpaceDawg Querkle 2012 1203 1

24. Qush SpaceDawg Querkle 2012 1203 10


Pheno 1, the taller stretchier one, stretched a bit more than I thought it would. Unfortunately, after taking this picture, I felt it would be wise to top the king bud off. It was getting too close to the light. I expected it to stop stretching, but it just went too far and my light is set as high as it can go. Wish I would have topped it sooner, or trained it down, but that is okay, my main goal right now is to sample the strain for quality.

26. SpaceDawg Pheno  1 2012 1203 14



Pheno 2, I am really liking the looks of it. I like how it has little stretch. The leaves are kind of narrow, slightly sativa or hybrid looking. Overall, I would say that the plant appears to be indica dominant. I am real excited to see this one finish up. I have a thing for the more manageable shorter plants.


25. SpaceDawg pheno 2 2012 1203 11


The triches are really showing this early in flowering.

27. SpaceDawg Pheno 2 2012 1203 15



To be continued...

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Just about finished with super bloom, now waiting for them to ripen up to harvest. They will most likely be ready in about 3 weeks.


Edit: did a "smell test" or aroma check by touching a bud and rubbing my fingers and smelling. Pheno 1 has a nice fruity good green weed smell. Pheno 2, just like Subcool describes, it is the best smelling marijuana I have ever smelled. It has an aroma like a bag of fruit life savers! super fruity. If it tastes like it smells, it would be too good to be true. Will find out soon enough.


All of the plants in the flower room, from soil to top of plant average about 40" in height.


28. Qush SpaceDawg Querkle 2012 12130001

29. Qush SpaceDawg Querkle 2012 12130006

30. SpaceDawg Pheno 2 2012 12130009

31. Qush SpaceDawg Querkle 2012 12130011

32. SpaceDawg Pheno 2 2012 12130013


To be continued.....

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All has been harvested and sampled. I wanted to take more pictures, but got a bit too busy to cover everything that has been going on.


Pheno 1: This one stretched a little during 12/12. It has more of a potent sativa buzz. It has a nice fruity aroma and when you smoke it, it does a magic trick. Fruity in, hold on to the hit, upon exhale sour diesel taste. Very unique

33. SpaceDawg Pheno 1 2013 01050010

34. SpaceDawg Pheno 1 2013 01050011

35. SpaceDawg Pheno 1 2013 01050013


Pheno 2: Short, no stretch plant. Some of the best smelling and tasting smoke I have ever had. It has a nice fruity taste and aroma, it also has an old school premium green weed taste. The buzz is unique. No anxiety, very mellow and relaxing, it provides a very comfortable feeling.

38. TGA SpaceDawg Pheno 2 2012 1228 03

37. SpaceDawg pheno 2 short  2013 01180005

36. SpaceDawg Pheno 2 In The Jar


For each phenotype I am not ready to fully judge them until the clones are harvested and sampled. Both strains required a little more nitrogen than some of my other strains.


Will report back when the clones are finished and tested.

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Finally getting around to it. Actually, I forgot I didn't finish this one.


It has been a while and I have been cloning both strains. Basically the fruity pheno is an indica. I am guessing it is high in CBD. It is high in something, because it is covered with trichs, but it is not that potent in regards to THC. Maybe to other people it is, but it is just not potent enough for me. The taste, cloning, everything is A-1. I am letting this one go. It is a shame because it is so tasty. Maybe the best I have tasted yet.


The other phenotype, pheno 1, that is a real toughie. I am keeping it, but I hate keeping strains when I don't love the taste. This one is more of a hybrid or sativa. Taller, stretchy pheno. For me it is low anxiety, but very potent. Since cloning it has more of a diesel taste, it still does have a fruity flavor and aroma, but not as unique as the seed plant. The intake and exhale are the same, normal, unlike the seed plant, where it was fruity in and diesel exhale, which I thought was unique. I am on the fence of keeping this one. I am just not a diesel lover, but dang, I do enjoy the buzz it provides. If you are looking for very potent, but yet lower anxiety and comfortable, this may be the strain you are looking for.


I only grew two phenos of this, maybe there are more. It would be great if you could combine the qualities of pheno 1 and pheno 2. The taste of pheno 1 with the potency of pheno 2, that would be the whoop, maybe it is in the seeds somewhere.


I don't have the extra time or space to filter through all of the possible phenos in the seeds I do have. I will have to let go of a phenotype or strain in order to try out a new one. I have some TGA Plushberry. I really want to try those next. Hopefully I will be doing a blog on those soon.


One last comment on SpaceDawg pheno 1. It is the best tasting diesel type strain that I have ever sampled so far.

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