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Kyle Kushman Or Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough Strain Review



Soon after I became a registered Michigan Medical Marijuana Caregiver, I was invited to a caregiver event held at the Green Trees building in Detroit. Upon arriving at the event every person that was invited became entered into a raffle for different items. The items for raffle were clones from different strains of plants, t-shirts, nutrients, and other miscellaneous items. When I got my ticket stub, I had thought to myself, if my ticket is drawn, I will turn down the prize. Well, my ticket was the first drawn! Seemed like it was meant to be. My prize was a Strawberry Cough clone said to be the Kushman cut. Around that time I had heard rumors that the official Kyle Kushman Strawberry Cough was available in the Detroit area. How could I feasibly turn that down, right?


After getting the clone home and growing it and trying it, well, I was very impressed with the strain. The smell and taste are very strong, a very fruity strawberry smell and taste. An all around good buzz, good quality, and very tasty. The plant produces very dense nuggets, it is a very thick sturdy plant, which provides a medium yield. It is a medium height plant that grows fast with a 7-8 week flower time, which is a characteristic of an indica strain. The plant is very consistent of the quality of the harvest, it comes out good every time under 400W, 600W, or 1000W HPS lighting. I cannot say that with all of my other strains. Some of them are very picky of which lighting system they will flower best with.


I have viewed many threads, blogs, and posts about Strawberry Cough. This lead me to investigate whether or not the plant I have is indeed the Kyle Kushman cut or the Dutch Passion version. With the Dutch Passion strain, you can purchase feminized seeds, the Kyle Kushman is a clone only strain. The strain I have is most definitely indica dominant. The sucker leaves are fat and wide. It has been very difficult if not impossible to determine for sure which strain mine really is. I have seen many, many pictures of the Dutch Passion strain, at least 100 of them. Only one looked similar to my plant. The similarity was only in the appearance of the sucker leaves. Throughout my investigation, and reviewing the many different phenotypes of the Dutch Passion version of Strawberry Cough, it became more difficult to truly determine if my Strawberry Cough is in fact the Kyle Kushman cut. However, with the Dutch Passion strain pictures I have seen, they all had a sativa look rather than indica, with the exception of the one. The Dutch Passion version is a sativa dominant strain with a flower time of 9-10 weeks.


While turning my research to the Kyle Kushman Strawberry Cough, there were not many pictures to view. Of the pictures that I did come across, well they really had no similarities, other than they all had a sativa appearance. From what I understand, the Kyle Kushman Strawberry Cough is an indica strain. A lot of the Kyle Kushman cut pictures I found, were taken at too far of a distance to fully determine if it was indica or sativa looking. I have sampled, through my patients, many different dispensaries Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough. Oddly enough, they were all very similar to each other in taste, appearance, and buzz. The potency did vary between each sample, up to about 30%, which I credit to the different styles of growing. I will say though that not any of the Dutch Passion samples compared to my Strawberry Cough, especially when comparing taste, smell, and appearance of the buds. Throughout the research, and coming across so may controversies of "Who's got the real Kyle Kushman Strawberry Cough" there were so many contradictory statements of whether or not the Kushman cut was indica or sativa. Many stating that their "reliable" source obtained a clone from a guy who knows a guy, that got it from Kyle himself, or that this guy grew with Kyle and was gifted a cutting and so on.


There were so many stories going around, it just made it impossible to know who's story to believe. The only thing that was constant in the stories was that the plant is a clone only and was initially grown in a strawberry field for many years. I had come to the conclusion that the only way I can be confident, still not 100% positive, but confident nonetheless, was to contact Kyle Kushman and ask him. Fortunately, I found him on FaceBook. Luckily, he was more than happy to give me his opinion. Kyle said he would be more than happy to look over some pictures of my plant and offer his opinion of whether or not he thought it was indeed his clone only strain. Kyle has other strains that he bread himself, some with the clone only Strawberry Cough. I believe that is where a lot of the confusion and controversies stem from (no pun intended :) ). I provided Kyle with some pictures of my Strawberry Cough. He said that he was pretty sure it was his strain.


KK SC Fb confirmation


That was good enough for me.


Here are the pictures that I sent him. I sure do love the strain.



Strawberry Cough Indica  15 11 10 11

Strawberry Cough just before harvest 11 2010  015

Strawberry Cough 1 2011 036

Strawberry Cough 1 2011 026

Frosty Strawberry Cough indica 5 2011


Thank you Kyle Kushman for keeping this plant alive, and for making it possible to make its way to Michigan. I love the strain, and will continue to grow it for many years to come.


Here are a few more pics of it.



SC Kushman Bud 2012 09140030

SC Kushman 45 Day cure 2012 09140029

1 15 11 Strawberry Cough indica Cut 018

Strawberry Cough 11 2010  039

Strawberry Cough   Indica 19 11 10 11

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Very disappointed with Mr. Kushman. On his facebook, for the first time, I saw his strawberry cough grown by him. It looks fully sativa and looks nothing like mine whatsoever, that I am sure of.


Either he doesn't know anything about the difference between sativa and indica or he wanted to take credit for the plant that I have been growing.


At least now I know that my Strawberry Cough is NOT the Kyle Kushman cut.


SFC, a member here, posted real pictures of Kyle Kushman Strawberry Cough.


Most likely the strain I have is an indica dominant phenotype by Dutch Passion. It appears that is the case, if so, I am very impressed and I will surely consider ordering seeds from Dutch Passion.

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