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Tga Querkle



TGA Querkle was one of the very first "designer seeds" I ever grew. I had been growing marijuana for a long time before, but only grew from bag seed. After the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program began, I then became a caregiver for a friend. It was then that I became brave enough to order and try those cool looking designer strains. Before the law went into effect here in Michigan I was far to paranoid to order seeds or even step foot into a hydro shop.


I only germinated two seeds to begin with. They each looked identical, just could not tell them apart until after they showed their sex. One came out male and the other female. I only flowered out the female plant, but before putting into flower I was sure to take some cuttings to keep the strain alive should it prove its worth, and it did, and I am still growing it to this day.


At first, upon growing TGA Querkle, towards the end of flower stage, I was quite disappointed. The yield looked as if it was going to be very small. It has about an 8.5 - 9 week flower time. The plant is not tall or short, it is basically medium. After harvesting and drying the buds, I was shocked. The yield came out quite large in weight. Querkle is the first strain that I have seen where the buds did not shrink after drying, they remained about the same size as when they were first harvested. I suppose you could say that I underestimated the Querkle in regards to yield.


Since I liked the strain so much, I decided to do some research on it to try to determine if the plant I have was an Urkle dominant or SpaceQueen dominant phenotype. It took a while, but I did discover that it is a SpaceQueen dominant phenotype. The SpaceQueen dominant has larger yields and is more potent. On the negative side, it is less purple and less fruity grape flavored. Mine has an exotic taste and smell. The best I can describe it is like incense. Another thing about the phenotype I have is the aroma is very powerful. It is almost impossible to hide the buds. A lot of times I can smell it through a sealed glass mason jar. You couldn't even think of walking into a public place with a joint in you pocket. Everyone in the place would smell it!


Querkle has proven to grow very well for me under all of my lighting set ups. 400W, 600W, and 1000W HPS. However, I can only get my phenotype to show its purple color during the cooler months.


The TGA Querkle is definitely one of my favorite strains to use in making Rick Simpson Oil.


I guess you could say that my patients and I are querkie for Querkle!!



Querkle Jar 022

Querkle Jan 2011 049

Querkle In The back   Dr. Atomic BBJ In front 2011 02210038

Querkle Feb 2011

querkle buds ready To smoke

Querkle Bud close Up 3 2011

Querkle 2011 063

1 15 11 Purple Querkle 030

Taking A querkle Bud On A fall color tour 2012 10020016

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