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Yellowing leaves on baby plants

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Growing as a Newbie

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I do need advice.  Why are the bottom leaves yellowing?  They are about 3.5 weeks since germination, planted in miracle gro seed starter and watered with 6.5 to 7.0 ph water.  They are lighted with CFL's 4-6 inches away 18 hours on, and 6 off.  Were doing beautifully until a few days ago when they started to yellow.  Any suggestions?

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Generally, yellowing is the sign of a nutrient deficiency, pH imbalance, over/underwatering, or insufficient lighting hitting the yellowing leaves.


SO, running down the list of possibilities, I'd say the most likely problem you are facing is over-watering. A common newbie mistake. Tell us about your watering regime :)

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also, CFL's (depending on what they are, and how they are arranged) 6 inches away from the plant may or may not be enough to sustain vigorous vegetative growth.


If they are high powered, growing specific large CFLs (6500K or so, high output) then it's probably not the issue. MJ would grow even under small household CFLs, just not very well.

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