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Trim / Buds just barely covered with ethanol (Everclear if you can get it, Bacardi 151 works OK also).




I like to make a 'weak' tincture like this. Buds/trim just covered in Everclear 190 proof ethanol in a well-sealed container like a mason jar with a good seal.




Simmer in a crockpot or in a big pot of water just barely boiling. A little pressure builds up in the jar, but not enough to blow the lid or leak. Let it simmer like this for 10 hours or so. This is an easy, slow way to 'decarboxylate' the buds/trim.


I do end up with green, plant tasting tincture, but I don't mind it that way.


I call it 'weak' because I don't boil down the resulting tincture, instead I leave all the liquid there. I find doses easier to measure that way.


This particular batch was trim and popcorn buds from a recent harvest. I usually use all the buds, but this harvest was promised to my new patient. A good dose from this batch is about 6-7 ml, measured with a medicine bottle/dropper. Previous batches with bud only resulted in doses of 4-5ml.


Still, there are around 50+ doses in this little batch.

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