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The Science Of Cannabis

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This is a video about cannabis science...link at the bottom of page

Donald Abrams, MD: “The Science of Cannabis”

UCSF oncologist/AIDS specialist Donald Abrams gave a talk on “The Science of Cannabis” at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Jan. 21. Third-year resident Rolando Tringale, MD, invited Dr. Abrams on behalf of the Family Medicine Residency Program. O’Shaugh-nessy’s arranged for videographer Chad Rea to tape the event.
Dr. Abrams’ made a similar presentation to doctors at Alameda Hospital in July.
Many physicians, even in California, refrain from approving cannabis use by patients out of residual fear. Countless others refrain because they learned nothing about cannabis in medical school and cannot knowledgeably advise patients about dosage, side effects, mechanism of action, etc. Donald Abrams’ grand round talk provides the antidote to miseducation; it is an exceptionally clear, up-to-date overview of the field.

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Anyone know the procedure for bringing over video...or point me to the "how to section"...if there is one?

Maybe this vid wasn't configured for that sort of thing...lol!

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