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How To Approach A City On Its Mm Stance

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I want to approach my local city on there stance of Medical Marijuana. I would like to be upfront and open with them and have there blessing to have a co-op commercial grow location and or opening a Caregiver Club/Dispensary. I hate having the feeling of looking over my shoulder all the time or laying in bed waiting to have my door kicked down, dog shot and kid traumatized.


I want to know the best and most effective way to approach the subject and get a serious discussion with them. What I fear is dicking it up and next thing you know there is a hold on all MM related issues in the city.

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Sorry I do not know about the West Side of the state.


As for cities in the Metro Detroit area, they either have a disp or someone I know is in the process

of working with the city to get it going if they have it on the books for one to open.


It really is a shame what BHam did as well as a couple other cities with their laws.

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