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Saginaw County Sheriff

Guest Wayne

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This sheriffs attitude towards marijuana legal or not is very clear, he's against it so he's against us legal patients and caregivers no matter what he says publicly. And for him to use a slain police officer from Detroit as an example of what marijuana brings was vicious way out of line.


Unfortunately we are going to face the stigma of being "drug users" and 'dealers" for sometime to come. My neighbor is aware of my garden and cannabis use for pain management but doesn't agree with it.


She is convinced that pharmaceuticals drugs are better than anything a man can grow and all I am is a legal "druggie" as she put it. I can handle her its the LEO' of this state that worry me. It seems that are getting more aggressive in their search and destroy mode and are out for marijuana more than hard drugs or violent crime.



We Are All In This Together

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