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Pontiac Compassion Club

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The Pontiac private club is a very cool place for registered patients and caregivers to meet.

The Membership office is located @ 25 N. Saginaw downtown Pontiac. Membership fees are $20 each

Entry is $5 per visit. The club is about 4000 sq ft. with concessions, Cable tv, Plasma tv's, PS3, Stage area for seminars or concerts, Graffiti room. They offer grow classes and Patient certification. The Club is located in the heart of downtown Pontiac and is walking distance to restaurants, Bars & entertainment.


The Club Hours are:


Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri form 4-8 pm


Saturday 3-9 pm


Sunday 1-5pm


This Club is Organized Non- Profit through the State of MI


for more info call 248 521 9327 or email clubmodernage@gmail.com



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The Pontiac club is the best atmosphere that i have seen so far, as compassion clubs go. Yea, there are a lot of caregivers, with some of the best meds i have seen in michigan. But it is also is real relaxed, laid back, full of nice leather couches, tabels and chairs, plazma big screen TV's..... NOT SMOKEY ( they have an excellent ventolation system) They have snacks and non- alochol drinks , and sometimes they have homemade food ! There is some artwork on the walls of this verry cool art deco building in downtown pontiac. The balcont is filled with graffitti from local artists, and cigarette smokers use this area cause the cig smoke goes right out thru the vent system up there. Yes it does cost $5 to get in every time, but those guys are useing all they make to pay the rent and keep the lights on..... They tell me that the facility is available for rent for private functions as well.





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