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Seeds From Amsterdam!

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Well, I decided to take a gamble and order some seeds from the Netherlands. I went online to Nirvana Seeds (www.nirvana-shop.com) and chose 5 feminized White Widow, 5 feminized Ice, and 10 regular (non-feminized) Blackjack seeds. Blackjack is a cross between Black Dominica & Jock Horror, Ice is a hybrid consisting of Afghani, Northern Lights, Skunk & Shiva, and won the 1998 Cannabis Cup, and White Widow is a legendary marijuana masterpiece.


All 20 seeds with shipping was under $100, and to order without risk of my bank account being involved, I simply bought a $100 MasterCard gift card instead of using my debit card. I ordered my seeds on may 8th, 2010, and received them in the mail on May 20th. I thought for sure that it would take much longer because of the Iceland volcano and feared the package wouldn't make it through U.S. Customs. The seeds were hidden inside a fabric wallet which was sealed in a plastic bag disguised as a product sample from another company, and came with a letter written in dutch which I could not understand, all inside a small padded envelope.


All in all, I am very happy and excited that I was able to order some great strains from Amsterdam, and I will keep everyone posted on how they do!

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Nice, thanks for the heads up...

ALSO check out attitude seed bank, dealing with them for years and they are a distributor so

they carry almost anything you can get from anywhere in the world. You can even use paypal

for added security, and dont worry about the bank statment, theirs reads "Attitude Gifts".

They ALWAYS give free genetics to! Very Reasonable as well...


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