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Metro Detroit Caregiver With Medz Adding 2 Patients

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Metro Detroit Caregiver with medz adding 2 new patients to current workload. I recently sent 2 of my patients off on their road to growing their own medicine. I provide knowledge, genetics to my patients and will do the same for anyone who desires to learn how to grow from a tenured patient/CG medical cannabis grower. I currently have the following strains grown 100% Organically: BlueBerry x Ak47, Dynamite x Chemo(good for cancer patients), Chocolate Chunk, G13 x Deep Chunk, Bubba Kush(july for bubba) Burmese Kush, BC Kush x mango haze, NL#5 x Ak47, C99 x Apollo, Juicy Fruit, Shishkaberry, The Church,Sugar Blossoms (a white widow taste improvement) and a few others. I can provide you education and clones once you are ready to grow out on your own. I have referrals and have been growing off and on since my college days which was 13 yrs ago. Ofcourse now I am legal being a patient, but really most of the people with experience on here were doing the same. Shoot me a email and I will answer any question syou may have and schedule a in-person meeting.


People say I am honest and fair. My Oz's depending on strain go for 250.00-315.00. Mostly dependant on genetics and grow schedules. PLease email questions to dlovas1977@yahoo.com





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I will also speak with other patients just looking for clones. If they like any of my lines I can talk about a special order for 6-10 clones of a specific strain. E-mail me at dlovas1977@yahoo.com and I will provide a detail of genetics phenotypes, flower times and trait specifics.

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