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Wcmu - Channel 9's "need To Know"

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Was just sitting home bored and in pain this evening with my wife watching our now very basic cable package.


Channel 9 in our area is WCMU and I was trying to get in my fix of political news when the subject of medical marijuana and the legalization efforts in California were talked about for over 10 minutes.


Towards the end of the segment there was a brief story about Oaksterdam. I saw our two esteemed cannabis warriors, Greg Frnacisco and Brad Forrester, on this show.


Kudos to you both!


Mizerman :)


p.s. on a happy note, Comcast will be installing our new Triple Play package next week...but, I've now found a show on WCMU that actually tells real news without the biased bs and the endless streams of pharmaceutical commercials. YEAH!

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