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Something I have been discussing with our compassion club 420Athiest brought up here:




Probably we need to counter balance that with trying to get them to write a human interest story on a successful and legal caregiver. Of course the bad stories are always page one where the positive story would be buried.


The community's public relations have taken a few hard hits lately and I am afraid there may be more to come in the very near future:




So, I was hoping to take the opportunity here, to brainstorm some simple things we as a community can do to improve our public relations with the 37% and the ?% that may be waffling from media-based hysteria. Solidifying the perception of the non-program participants will greatly impact the future of our program and the level of ease in which it operates.


Even if they do get buried in the "Human interest" sections, press is press. This state has been hard hit on many levels, not just financially. Those human interest stories can carry a lot of weight in this depressed climate.


My thoughts have gravitated towards reaching out to Veterans groups, support groups and organizations focused on these serious conditions, and assisting in ways other than MMJ. Civic services are being squeezed, are there areas where CC's can help visibly pick up the slack? Any patients willing to publicly share their stories?


Was this something that was covered at the Compassion Club Leaders conference, and what was the consensus? I know Mr. Wells has been organizing folks in the political arenas, anything happening with public relations?

I am interested in hearing other ideas and ways we can pool together talents and resources to show a counter to what is being reported currently.


Please discuss... :)

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