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[TUTORIAL] Changing Font Sizes:

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Submitted By: OxXGarfieldXxO Submitted On: Today, 07:55 AM Submitted In: Site Help Click here to go to tutorial Quote


A few people have asked how to make the font sizes bigger so lets help some people out.


Many sites you see may have some functionality to increase font size. The IPB software this site uses has chosen not to for one really simple reason: No need implementing functionality that is already produced by everyone's browser. That's right, this tutorial will work for not only this site, but any site you ever visit.


1) Press and hold the "CTRL" button.

2) Press the "+" to make text larger.

3) Press the "-" to make text smaller.


Below are screen shots from both Internet Explorer, and from Firefox with the "+" being hit four times. You can see how ridiculously large this site can be seen in.










And that's all there is to it. Hope this helped.


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