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[TUTORIAL] Post Formatting:

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Submitted By: OxXGarfieldXxO Submitted On: Today, 09:47 AM Submitted In: Site Help Click here to go to tutorial Quote


If you're trying to format a post and having problems hopefully this will help you along.


For the purpose of this tutorial I am going to mirroring an article found here: LINK TO ORIGINAL ARTICLE


As we see in the image below, the normal staff has already included a bunch of formatting. There's links, there are pictures. All this adds to the impact of the article.




The first thing we want to do is select all the text for the article we'd like to mirror. It's not a problem if images within an article also get highlighted. For the moment, just make sure everything you'd like to say is highlighted.




Back on our site we've already clicked the "Start New Topic" at the top of the forum where we'd like to post our new article. Clicking in the text field we can now paste our article. You'll notice when copying and pasting that all the formatting from the original article remains. This will often include pictures which will need to be removed from the article so that this site isn't "hot linking" to the original site and using it's bandwidth.




To remove the formatting from the original site, click anywhere within the text field and hit "ctrl+a" to select everything. In the upper left of the wysiwyg (Editor type: Acronym for "What you see is what you get") you'll a small icon with two letter "a's" and a minus sign. This will remove the HTML formatting of anything that selected in the text field.




Once you've removed the HTML formatting from your post you may notice you need to fix the white space between the line breaks. This is common, and may or may not be a needed step depending on how you would like the finished post to appear.




After removing the line breaks and making sure the article is spell checked, we can then start adding our own formatting. This is where people simply needing to know how to format original articles will step in. Up till now we've been showing you how to post others articles, but if you need help with just the formatting this is where you come in.




With the article completely written, or the formatting removed from a mirroring of another sites article out of the way, we can now start to add in the formatting as we think it should appear. I like to take care of links first, but you can do it at any stage. Just highlight the text you want made into a link and click the "Insert Link" icon ( link.png ). For the purpose of this article I'm only putting the link to the original article in my post.




Next I'm going to do any color changing within my post I may want done. For the purpose of this tutorial I'm only going to change the text color for one line. This could be done for every word if you really wanted to though I doubt many people would want to read it. So to change the color, lets select the text we want to change.




Next we need to click the "Font Color" icon ( font_color.png ) that is highlighted in the image below. Click the color you'd like to make the text then move on to any other colors and text you may want adjusted.






Now the next thing I want to do is change the text size. I think my link to the original author should be large so I make sure he gets all the credit I can muster for him or her. So I've selced the same text we earlier made into a link, and I'll select the "font size" dropdown menu that's highlighted in the image below.






We can now preview our post if we'd like and decide if it needs anymore work. We can see that we've posted an article. We've removed the old formatting. We've added our links. We've changed colors of text. Lastly we've changed the font sizes.




This pretty much concludes instructions on how to format your post. I'f I've missed anything and you have questions, feel free to ask and I'll revise this to include any questions you may have.


A complete list of all the wysiwyg functions can be seen here: Posting


Happy Posting!

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