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Easy, Effective Diy Cloner


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I have been working on a write-up to give a patient who will be growing their own, and I thought, "Why not share this with the MMMA forums?" So here it is.


The first thing to invest in is a good (or better) ph Meter, and one with ppm/EC is even better. In my opinion, for hydro growers, your money is best spent on a quality unit. Low-end, I'd go with the Hanna for $30-$40. Between meters and monitors, I have nearly $1000 invested. You want to test pH and ppm/EC as often as possible and at all points in your hydro system as possible....(all beyond the scope of this post)...and calibrate said meter often.


You will need:


five-gallon bucket with lid (light proof)

aquarium airpump with hose and stone

Hydroponic nutrient solution

cuttings (ha)

drill with about 1"-1.5" paddle bit and 1/4" bit

sheet of black plastic or trash bag.



Step one: mix up 5 gallons of nute mix for cuttings as specified on your labels. Ph to 5.3 to 5.8. set it aside.


Step two: Drill about 8-12 holes in the bucket lid for cutting and one 1/4" hole for tubing.


Step three: check pH of nute solution again. adjust as necessary. Add to bucket to about 6" below lid...this will be 1-2" below the bottoms of your cuttings - adjust as necessary.


Step 4: Hook up pump and drop airstone in solution.


Step five: Wrap black plastic around lid and snap lid to bucket.


Step six: Poke holes in the black plastic at each hole in the lid, and drop in the cuttings. You don't want the cuttings to hang into the water - but just above. When those bubble pop, they splash up onto the stems.


At about 10 days you should have good root development with most strains. I usually add some nutes at that point and give them another week.

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