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Synthetic Marijuana Lands Teen In Hospital

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Trend Increasing Among Teens


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TRAVERSE CITY -- A Northern Michigan mother has a warning for other parents. There is a new way to get high growing in popularity among teens and young adults.


15-year old John Bosch found his friend unconscious, on the ground at Hannah Park in Traverse City.


Bosch says, "I was pretty freaked out. It's not everyday you see your friend passed out in the woods."


Bosch called 911, and when his friend woke up several hours later at Munson Medical Center he told doctors he had smoked a substance called Spice.


Spice or K2 looks like cooking herbs or potpourri. It’s supposed to be used as incense but when smoked gives off similar effects that marijuana does. Since Spice doesn’t show up on drug tests and is legal to buy, authorities say young people are eager to try it.


Detective Kipp Belcher with the Traverse Narcotics Teams says, "It's an unstable type of substance to consume so I highly recommend that people don't dabble with it at all."


The Traverse Narcotics Team knows who’s selling it around town. In fact 7&4 News was able to buy Spice at a downtown Traverse City store less than a mile away from where the teen passed out. The substance is mostly sold in specialty stores, hookah lounges, and online. Recently the authorities sent a large amount to the Grayling Crime lab to learn more about it.


Detective Belcher says, “We have to take a look, the Feds have to look, it takes time to assess whether it’s dangerous enough to meet the criteria to be a considered a controlled substance."


While John Bosch’s mother is proud of the way her son got his friend to the hospital, now she is worried that this drug is out there for young people to consume.


Erin Bosch says, "The effects spice can have, to me that is not something that should be able to buy in stores."


But for now it is legal for those over 18 years old leaving authorities with their hands tied.


Detective Belcher says, "Not much we can do except pay attention and let people know it’s not safe to consume."


Ms. Bosch says, "It’s out there and if your teen has a friend over 18 they can go into a store and buy it and provide it for your children."


While scientists haven’t determined long term effects of K2, or Spice, the short term side effects include hallucinations, vomiting, and headaches. The synthetic marijuana is banned in some states and cities.

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So without some real detail or quality reporting form the hospital I seen not how this kid used this stuff and just passed out.


Are there any prior medical conditions that I missed? Was he low on blood sugar? Specific body chemistry that made him allergic to something in the "K2"? Heat stroke? Dehydrated?


Damned cops attempting to control something medicinal... note to that officer "YOU ARE NOT A DOCTOR, YOU HAVE NO SAY IN INTO WHAT MEDICINE I USE TO ASSIST MY CONDITION... MY MEDICINE BUTT OUT"


Let the Doctors and Noble Scientists make the decisions on what should or shouldn't be used in excess.




Funny Michigan rapper ragging on the Fuzz

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