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Hello From The Detroit Passion Center!

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Hi Everyone

I have been around here a week or so getting to know all of you in the threads and chat room. I just realized I have not come in here to introduce myself yet, kinda silly as I have welcomed many here in this forum yet have not said my Hello yet so here it is!


Hi from the Detroit Passion Center! We at the Detroit Passion Center are proud members of the Mi MMJ Community and honored to be here with all of you at the MMMA.

We will be opening our office in Detroit on Monday.

We are also here to do whatever we can to aid the community. Are you interested in becoming a patient or CG and do not know where to start, do you need a Dr, a local CC or just have ?s

Email me and we will do everything we can to help you find assistance in your area.

Are you a Dr, Lawyer, CC, CG, Store or any business which supports the MI MMJ community? Please contact me with info about you and what you can offer the community as we would like to keep your information for when we find people in your area.


So thank you for allowing us to be part of board and we look forward to talking with and meeting all of you.


Please PM me if you have your card and would like to set up an appointment.


Thank you again!

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