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420 In Dc

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Hello everyone. We are organizing a rally in Washington DC to try and legalize medical marijuana at the Federal level. Here is a c/p of our latest press release. I hope you all can make it out there.


Thousands expected in Washington D.C. on 4/20/2011


Thousands of people from across the country are expected to converge on the Nations capitol on 4/20/2011. The 420inDC organization will be holding a rally in Washington D.C. to try and end the prohibition of medical marijuana. The organizers said “The response has been overwhelming”. 420inDC is a non-profit, grass roots organization that is for the legalization, regulation and taxation of marijuana at the Federal level. However, they do not advocate smoking, growing, buying or selling marijuana any place where it is currently illegal. They support the medical use of marijuana by American citizens and do not think the Government should deny its citizens effective medical treatment. They also believe that recreational use of marijuana should be up to the individual, not the Government. Marijuana prohibition costs the United States more than $14 billion dollars every year in enforcement, imprisonment and lost tax revenue.


They will be holding a peaceful rally in Washington D.C. on 4/20/2011. As of today, thousands of people have signed up to be at the rally. There are going to be musical guests and several guest speakers. The speakers they have lined up for the rally are:


Jessica Corry; she is a Denver-based attorney, public policy analyst, and influential political strategist. She is the leading voice for conservatives against marijuana prohibition and is one of the most high profile activists in the state. On a national level, Corry has been publicly advocating marijuana law reform and has been quoted or featured in several media-related pieces.


Robert J. Corry, Jr.; he is a Denver-based civil rights and criminal defense attorney who has successfully litigated several high profile cases around the country. He is admitted to the bars of Colorado, California, and Washington, D.C., federal courts in these jurisdictions, as well as the U.S. Supreme Court.


Brett Strauss; he owns LAKK Investments, into a building near Centennial Boulevard and 30th Street, where Colorado Compassionate Physicians had already opened to serve patients needing medical marijuana recommendations. He soon made his pitch to the doctors to offer free visits for people with life-threatening illnesses.


Don Christen; he is the founder of Maine Vocals, Maine's Cannabis Action Network for the Re-Legalization of Cannabis, Hemp/Marijuana. The Promoters of Freedom, Hempstock, Somerset County , Webejammin and Harvest Festivals.


For more information on 420 in DC, visit http://www.420inDC.org

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