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Glcc Musicfest Attendees

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If you are attending the GLCC MusicFest in Lacota at the end of the month, please obtain a copy of your county's primary and fall elections candidates list from your County Clerk's office and bring it with you. I have Berrien County's list taken care of. Your county's list may be available online (Berrien's was).


We intend to have a Voter's registration drive under the education tent at the festival. If you participate by bringing your county's candidates list to the event,we will have these candidate lists available there as well.


In addition, we have educational speakers lined up that will be speaking about the upcoming elections and candidates. If we have candidate lists available for all counties represented, we can do some mighty fine educating and networking at this festival.


Please help us to make this event a success and participate in this one small task if possible. Please reply to this message if you will commit to bringing your county's candidate list and indicate the county represented.


Thank you.

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