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Swampy's Progeny (His Plants Not Kids)


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Hey, Hey (I can't seem to drop my Yooper dialect)

Is anybody here growing any of Tom's L1 or L2 bud?

I seem to have at least three distinct varieties in the mix.

I have them under 400w hps and mh lights. Approximately 6-18" away from the ducted hydrofarm lights.

I am using my own experimental soil mix since I can't seem to find promix in Sagnasty.

BTW do I have the lights too close or too far away? There really is no appreciable heat given off by either of the lights.

post-966-033108600 1280449817_thumb.jpg

post-966-076482100 1280449830_thumb.jpg

post-966-073748800 1280450293_thumb.jpg

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