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"ruling Clouds Pot Smoking, Driving Law" (Or, So Says The Mindless)

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Here's the Headlines, FYI:


"Ruling clouds pot smoking, driving law"


Quoted Published Media Source of "clipping":


Media Source Authored by: Tom Greenwood


Media Source Published by: The Detroit News


Biased, or balanced?


What say YOU?


Here's an excerpt:


"Hawkins said the State Police, as well as the Michigan Prosecuting Attorneys Association, plan to approach the Michigan Legislature to change the substance act to define what metabolites are and to iron out the issue of drivers with medical marijuana cards."


This Published Article's Media Source may be linked here:






Uh, oh! The nazis are coming! .... the nazis are coming!


Oh, wait ... that's right; they're already here ... and either holding - or seeking - "public office". So much for "to protect and to serve". But, enough about the tyrants!


What say YOU?





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