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Political Questionaire?

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Has there been one drafted and sent out to all of the candidates here in MI? If not, why not?


This is a prime time to be asking those important questions of the folks that hope to be representing US. With all of the unrest in the political realm this mid-term, a politician would be a fool to not respond to a questionaire from a group like the MMMA, or even a compassion club. It is too late to get one out and answered for the primaries (tomorrow), but we definitely can get them answered in time for the general election in Nov.


In my opinion these questions should be focused not just on the Medical Marihuana Act, but should also include questions regarding dispensaries, local ordinances that interfere with patients and caregivers, law enforcement's continued ignorance of the act, and other prodding questions. Let's find out where they stand and hold them accountable to the will of the people. I do hope that somebody in authority with one of the organizations will take this challenge up, I would be willing to help in any way possible with it.


Looking forward to that day when the will of the people is once again represented in our government.

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Well now that we know who is going to be on the ballots, at least for the big 2 parties, it seems time to pepper all of these candidates with questions regarding the issues.


  • Their ideas on taxation and regulations
  • Their positions on allowing for more medical research and studies
  • Favor or oppose legalization of recreational use
  • Educating LEO, prosecutors, and judges about the actual law that was passed
  • Sponsoring PSAs to start countering the propaganda of the last few decades
  • Defining what a plant is
  • Conduct of LEO when dealing with MMJ patients and CG
  • Harrassment of MMJ patients and cgs


I am sure there are even more and any and all imput would be appreciated. Perhaps we can draft something to get put out to the politicians in the not too distant future, so that we can get their responses (or lack of responses) to base our decisions on.



What do all of you think? Any specific question you would like to get a favor or oppose position on?

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