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Can My Aunt Apply For Her Michigan Medical Card With Her Out Of State Lincense?

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Wondering if my Aunt who qualifies for MM can apply with her out of state license as her ID? She has just gone to the doctor here in Michigan and is getting ready to relocate. Can she apply with her out of state license and a michigan address on the forms? She hasn't found the right house yet but doesn't want to delay with her meds growing. She will make me her caregiver (I'm a patient/caregiver already).


She will have a house within 30 days. She is coming from a neighboring state that currently doesn't have a MM program (indiana).


What do you all think? We only want to do what is legal. That is why she is moving up here - marijuana works wonders for her painful knees.


Any and all input will be appreciate! Thanks in advance for your help.

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My buddy went and got his paperwork signed by the doctor with a Georgia ID but he had to go get a MI ID card to make a copy and send it in with the app..... in other words she should have a MI address on an ID before she sends in her paperwork. Just have her go get an ID with your address, until she finds a house.

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