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Ventilation Question


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I had a few questions because im trying to be cheap. I want to avoid paying for


1. a backdraft damper

2. a wye fitting


Not sure if I need the wye fitting, but in order to pull air through the carbon filter and out the inline fan I do. If i pushed the air through the filter I wouldnt need the wye fitting but I think the scrubber wouldnt work properly? not sure I have never pushed air through


Also is there a cheap DIU alternative for a damper? or is the damper even neccesary to contain smell?

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If you just concerned with the smell, no, the dampener is not needed. Dampeners are designed to lower fan noise through the venting system. You can push air through a carbon filter as long as it was designed to do so. A diagram of what your venting system looks like would help. I cant say for sure if the wye fitting would be needed. What would the third vent be used for on the wye?

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The Wye would be inside the tent with ducting from the light on one fitting and the carbon filter on the other, with the third fitting pointing out with the inline fan on the back


You would be better off having your carbon filter on the output side of your inline fan, not pulling through it in a wye configuration with another inlet. I say this because you would only be scrubbing half of the air entering your ducting.


At least in my opinion.

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Why not filter> fan> hood> exaust ?


There's a heck of alot less static pressure in a reflector hood than pushing into a filter


Plus you generally need to connect fan to filter for it to be efficient and pushing through hood means not pulling hot air over the fan motor




If you want push through a filter check this out...


Air Box Stealth Series air filtering systems


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