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Laws I'd Like To See Added Or Recognized For The Mmma


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Ok, here are absolutes. I think it would be a good idea to know that lawfully recognized MM people had the following protections under the MMMA:


Patients and caregivers can distribute at least two MM plants and/or 12 MM seeds, without fear of prosecution, to one another, and that means ANY caregiver to ANY caregiver, ANY patient to ANY patient, regardless if the other is or is not the named caregiver and patient to the other. In other words, any caregiver and/or ANY patient can sell their services of caregiving, to include plants and seeds to anyone else lawfully recognized. That way you are not putting a person that is not a lawful cardholder at risk or in a position to get criminal charges against them/him/her.


I think that is a legitimate and understandable amendment. It also takes care of newbie caregivers to newbie patients with regard to them getting their supplies up and going, without delay.


Define laws and regulations for setting up dispensaries in Michigan.


Any excess MM growing stuff can be given to ANY patient or ANY caregiver also allowing payment for caregiving services if the provider wishes to. Given or sold, whatever.


I think that's fair, reasonable, and understandable.

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