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Nw Michigan Musical Benefit For Mm Patients


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Northwest Michigan Musical Benefit for

Medical Marijuana Patients

Northwest Michigan Musical Benefit Flyer.pdf


Do you want to help low income medical marijuana candidates?



Many folks in our community could use fiscal support for doctor recommendations, filing for a card with the state and/or acquiring legal herbal medicine.


To support these compassionate causes, I am working towards a Fall 2010 Traverse City area musical benefit. My plans are to hold the benefit at the State Theater, or a similar venue, with a variety of local musicians in the round, with all net proceeds to be donated to folks in need.


I am seeking the following support:


  • Local musicians interested in participating
  • Local venue interested in hosting the event
  • Speakers interested in providing brief talks on the Michigan MM Act and status
  • Local businesses interested in donating towards the cost to produce the event (advertising space on an event website and in a printed event program)
  • Volunteers to canvas local businesses for donations
  • Local legal advice for non-profit events and insurance requirements
  • Creative volunteers for a variety of required support

If we come together, we may create the change many of us want in our world.


With governments and municipalities unable or unwilling to provide relief and support in the challenging economic climate, community action is priceless.


If you would like to donate your time or resources for this cause, or have input and ideas, please contact me at 248.229.7793 or via e-mail james.w.fry@gmail.com







PDF Request Flyer Attached for easy distribution via e-mail.

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