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Free Online Electrical And Construction Consulting


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I have been in the general and electrical construction trades for my entire career and offer the following free services:


E-Mail based consulting for all topics related to grow room equipment and construction, especially related to:


Electrical Requirements

General Construction


If I don't know specific answers, I will research them and get back with folks.


I am currently residing in Benzie County and am working towards putting together a group of discrete and reliable contractors for supporting the growing needs of folks that are setting up larger MM ops. I will create a website for this and publish the contractors that I locate that I trust, along with various data about the requirements or suggestions for the larger systems.


Please feel free to contact me here or via e-mail at james.w.fry@gmail.com with any questions or recommendations for contractors in Electrical, Carpentry and/or HVAC in the Grand Traverse and Benzie areas.





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