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Hey Ready To Get Started Back Growin!


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:thumbsu: Gettin ready to set up my grow system in the basement again.


I'm gonna run the 1000 hps for the s.o.g.. I have a 250 Halide for veggie and mother room.

I have some big plastic sleds that will make good Hydro trays for for like 6 big hydro pots each. I have fish pumps i'll use for the pumps, we have pond fish in the summer and they go in a tank in the basement for the winter.


These fish create quite alot of fish doo doo and I thought I could buffer some of this fish water into my resevoir tank and use the fish bunny muffin water for the Hydro? Or should I just use chemical fertalizer for my hydro? Then maybe grow some of my plants organically with the fish water and good soil mix?

I also have enough pumps and sleds to do my veggie/mother room mostly hydro so I'm really excited.

I should be getting my MM card here in a couple months i figure so I've been tinkering and getting all of my stuff in order that i have now,,,hoses,,fittings...pvc ect.


Do I set the hydro up to flood the roots like,,every hour or so?I assume that I want to be pumping bubbling water to these roots to make growth faster, am I correct?



I've never run a hydro set up, not to this scale to 12 big plants. But i just hear that it is so much faster to grow with this setup than in soil. So i have to try it.


MOstly all i need to scrounge now is more sheets of rigid plasic to fasten to the top of my sleds (to cut holes in & hold my pots in place)/

Any comments,,,,suggestions? Where to get best genetics. i.e. something,Fast,abundant and high THC. KushXSkunk maybe.

:bow::gym::devil: Thank alot and take care!!! Man I think I'm really gonna dig this site,,,hee hee hee..

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