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Legislation Headed For The State House


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Rep. Rick Jones seeks to ban marijuana clubs in Mich.

Legislation headed for the state House seeks to ban marijuana clubs that have opened since voters approved use of the drug for medical purposes in 2008.


Republican Rep. Rick Jones of Grand Ledge said Thursday he is introducing legislation to ban the clubs because marijuana users shouldn’t be encouraged to drive. Jones says it’s a safety risk, and people authorized to use marijuana should do so at home.



Marijuana club owners say there’s nothing prohibiting them from operating, and they provide an important service. There are pending court cases involving some club owners that could set precedents for how they’re allowed to operate.


The House bill would punish violators with up to 90 days in jail.



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If this crap passes then I guess all the bars in Michigan will have to close also(ya,like that would happen). That legislation is so hippicritical and clearly is a transparent attempt at hurting our community. If that ( R )Dunk-Dork gets re-elected the people of his district should be ashamed of themselves!

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