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Detroit Denied Chance To Vote On Legalizing Personal Poss...


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DETROIT — Michigan is one of the 14 states that have allowed for the legalization of medical marijuana for its citizens. By an overwhelming majority the voters in Michigan passed legislation allowing for medical marijuana use in every county and they passed it by a significant majority in Michigan's three most populous counties, Oakland, Wayne and Washtenaw counties.


The war on drugs is a complete failure; it has no declared measurable goals and is a giant void of resources both financial and human. Unfortunately the city of Detroit experiences real unemployment rates of about 50%, along with undervalued wages, which have Detroit households taking in about $29,423 a year per household, a little over $20,000 less than the national median average of $52,000 per household. With an economic picture like that and a Detroit school system which ranks last in the countries 50 largest cities, the only viable option for making profits for Detroit's youth has become drug trafficking and other criminal activities in order to survive.


They not only deal marijuana but usually cocaine, ecstasy, pharmaceuticals and even weapons, leading to drug wars between inner-city gangs and dealers, that catch a lot of innocent people mostly children and young adults in a web of violence and imprisonment.


Legalizing marijuana in countries where it was previously illegal has shown a drop in marijuana related crimes without an explosion of new users. By decriminalizing a billion dollar black market industry and getting all those missed tax revenues out in the open, the city of Detroit could get their budget under control and begin to improve living conditions within the city once again.


The Coalition for a Safer Detroit believed legalizing an ounce of marijuana per person in Detroit would have a positive impact on the amount of illegal crimes centered around the drug, which has crippled Detroit with the fourth highest crime rate in America, and refocus our police force on stopping violent criminals and not adult drug users.


After getting the mandatory 6000 signatures from Detroit residents saying they would support such a measure, which the Detroit Election Commission ratified, the Coalition for a Safer Detroit delivered their petition to legalize personal possession of marijuana in Detroit for the November elections.


Somewhere between the citizens of Detroit saying they want to vote on this issue and the Coalition for a Safer Detroit doing all the leg work to get it on the ballot, some lawyer or group of lawyers not voted into office by the people, decided that it wouldn't be legal to allow personal possession of marijuana because it would still be illegal state wide.


While the Coalition for a Safer Detroit and pro marijuana advocate lawyer Matt Abel are considering an appeal to the decision, I believe the only hope to start cashing in on both federal and state taxes from this billion dollar underground industry is by legalizing marijuana state wide like California is currently attempting to do. It is undeniable that responsible hard working adults use marijuana through out Detroit and that state of Michigan. Why are we hiding responsible personal use of marijuana when billions of dollars of tax revenue are at stake? To learn more on this pro marijuana initiative please visit the Coalition for a Safer Detroit website found here >>>


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