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What The Hell Happened

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I'm losing faith in societies ability to share this small planet. Day after day you read or hear news story about the brutal slaying or the violent attack upon some poor innocent person or persons.


Or the raid and arrests of innocent sick people. What the ....! Are you serious? This one has got to me bad.


A full on SWAT tactical kick in the doors indexed finger raid on sick people who use cannabis as an alternative medicine. Then to post mug shot photos and video of personal property seized (nice of them to set the long guns up front) they did their best to criminalize an image of a human being.


The news media is so fu%#9ng biased if not down right ignorant about cannabis and the stories they present as news are disgraceful hack jobs full of eighty year old cliches' about marijuana. There is never any caveats about research that proves medicinal qualities of cannabis or how the American Medical Association in 1937 didn't want marijuana criminalized because they knew then as now it has medicinal values.


Our state is on the brink of financial collapse, children are going to half arsed schools yet tens of thousands of tax payer dollars are being squandered on actions that quite likely will end up costing those very same municipalities hundreds of thousands of dollars in litigation sanctions.


Compassion is more than a word we throw around. I truly believe more people than not are compassionate and willing to help. I also feel more LEO's than are known about are sympathetic to our cause but cannot come forward because they know what would happen.


But just like we have had members in the movement intentionally get arrested to help our cause. We need a large group of LEO's to come forward and publicly declare they will no longer take part in these raids.


I do not believe they can be fired for this. They are using their discretion as whether or not performing said action is a violation of state law and could be a violation of civil rights on a federal level. Its also their sworn duty to uphold the law and protect the citizenry.


This situation has got to get solved before a tragedy occurs and the ultimate sacrifice is made by someone from either side of the debate.


Increase The Peace

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