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The Local Raids


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What a crazy thing to happen...everyone is interpreting this law as they see fit!..I don't really know anything about why the store fronts were targets in the


first place, besides the fact of them being a quick payday for the NET! I thought clinical relief also had a good grasp on the way the dispensary should


work...their system was put together fairly decent in my opinion...I don't know why anyone wouldn't bash the NET either as buchard simply said "there no more


than drug dealers"...I would like to think "The NET is no more than extremely violent armed criminals with government training" they see this as opportunity for


larger budgets in the future.I like to think that this was an EPIC fail on their part and will COMPLETELY enjoy to see them sued to crippling proportions.


Anyways whats going on with this? what are they to be charged with? let me guess there was a criminal informant 2..or wait an undercover..come on.

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