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Michigan State's "pain And Symptom Management" Plan - What Does That Mean, Exactly?

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"First issue of MIpainManagement newsletter in the mail this week to all licensed health professionals in Michigan".


"... to all licensed health professionals in Michigan."


So, perhaps we should, shall or may wonder, when discussing "pallative" and "therapeutic" treatments of physical and mental health ailments of "the State" of Michigan's patient's, particularly when concerning "we the patient's" choices and uses of "medications," how come "we the patients" aren't on ANY of the State's privy-elite's official mailing lists of "healthful" publications that are religeously prepared and politically propagated by the core, outer-central and satellite agencies of the Michigan Bureau of Health Professions?






Funny thing is ...


There is NO MENTION - AT ALL - of the wonderful, healing herb - CANNABIS - anywhere - in any of the MiBHP podcasts or publications.








So, instead, here's a couple of noteworthy excerpts from "our" Michigan State's web site intended to highlight "our" designated State "health-leaders'" "professional focus" otherwise directed to progressively address "Pain & Symptom Management" of Michigan's less than healthy patient-citizens:


(Melanie Brim, Director BHP/MDCH)


"I would like to introduce MIpainManagement, a newsletter for health care professionals in Michigan. This first issue is being distributed to every licensed or registered health professional in Michigan. Future issues of MIpainManagement will be electronically distributed, and will include information such as:


 Best practices in pain management across Michigan


 Current state and federal pain management policy and legislative efforts


 Pain management resources available to health professionals and their patients


 Michigan’s Pain Management and Palliative Program


 The Advisory Committee on Pain and Symptom Management


MIpainManagement is a resource developed by the Bureau of Health Professions within the Department of Community Health. It is an effort developed through the Bureau’s Pain Management and Palliative Care Program, which was established in 2008. It represents one of our strategies to advance the knowledge, attitudes, and practices of health professionals treating patients for pain conditions. You are invited to submit articles for publication in this newsletter.


The newsletter is free to anyone subscribing to it, so I encourage you to complete the enclosed mailer to subscribe to this newsletter, as well as our other free newsletters, HealthLink and Public Forum.


On behalf of the Michigan Department of Community Health, I hope you enjoy this newsletter and consider contributing to it in the future.




Um, that is ... if you're a "licensed health professional".


Here's another interesting statement cointained within the publication:


By Lisa Robin, Senior Vice President, Advocacy and Member Services Federation of State Medical Boards.


The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) is pleased to recognize Michigan for its important role as a national leader in the area of pain management policy and advocacy. Michigan’s distribution of 70,000 copies of the FSMB’s booklet, Responsible Opioid Prescribing: A Physician’s Guide, represents the largest statewide distribution of this guide in the United States and is a manifestation of Michigan’s commitment to improving pain management through the education of health professionals.


For more than a decade, the FSMB has advocated for improving access to, and the quality of, pain care in this country through policy development and education.


The FSMB’s Model Policy for the Use of Controlled Substances for the Treatment of Pain is reflected in pain management policies adopted by 41 state medical boards, including Michigan. The problem of untreated or undertreated pain continues to be a significant public health problem. There is widespread lack of knowledge among physicians about appropriate pain treatment, accompanied by a prevalent but cautious concern about addiction, abuse or diversion when prescribing such powerful opioids as may be required to adequately treat a patient’s pain.


The FSMB and the FSMB’s Foundation are advocating for better education of physicians and the public on the issue of pain management through Responsible Opioid Prescribing: A Physician’s Guide, a useful guide that was first published in 2007. The handy book has been distributed to more than 150,000 physicians and other health care professionals nationwide. The FSMB continues to distribute and promote updated versions of the book and related educational and policy activities nationally.


For additional information about FSMB efforts to educate physicians around pain management, visit:






Hmm ... I can't imagine ... WHY on EARTH ... MEDICINAL CANNABIS would not be considered, in the "Public-minded Publications" of the MDCH/BHP, to be a recognized, valuable, viable - if not VITAL - avenue of "Palliative Care," or any other patient-focused "health plan" of any Michigan resident-citizen's "Pain and Symptom Management Plan," or by any of Michigan's "top health-care professionals" who are under legal/political control of the governmental entities of the Michigan Department of Community Health or the Michigan Bureau of Health Professions?


Or any other STATE entity.


Can YOU?


Isn't it painfully past time for "we the patient's" of Michigan / America to be provided:


"Truthful and Responsible CANNABIS Education: A Health-Professional’s Guide"?


Maybe the MDCH/MiBHP and other Michigan "Health Professionals" will get RIGHT on THAT!?


We'll see.


We'll see.


In the meantime ...


Thank you ALL! - the unswervingly dedicated, truthfully well-aware, and heartfully compassionate CANNABIS-ADVOCATING patient-members, professionals and daily/occassional "forumers" of the MMMA.


The World needs YOU !


(to help ... "FREE The CURE!")


Oh, I almost forgot ... (how could I!?) there is the one thing that the MiBHP/MiDCH does provide to help keep us informed of "Change" in the system, occassion permitting:




Oh, well ... Progress IS progress.


Which reminds me to say, on behalf of Michigan's patients like me: "Thank You, Melanie and Lisa," for doing the best that you and your fellow health-care professionals are able to do - respective of the odds. And, I really mean that - sincerely.)


And, that also reminds me: ... (forgetful "pothead" I iz...: ) I meant to wonder aloud: "What, many of us must often ponder, would happen to the already stellar percentage of voters in favor of "Pro-Choice to Consume - or not to consume - CANNABIS" ... if all of the highly intuitive multimillions of people the anti-frees have absent-mindedly claimed are nothing but ...well, "lazy stoners" ... weighed in on the vote?


Or, did we?


What was that I was talkin' about again?


oh, yeah!




Baby steps; Baby steps ...


Be Informed.





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