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Emu Prohibiting Mm

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Original Source: http://easternecho.com/index.php/article/2010/09/eastern_prohibits_medical_marijuana


Marijuana has been illegal for years, but that hasn’t stopped people from trying to legalize it. Every year on the first Saturday of April, Hash Bash in Ann Arbor rallies for the legalization of marijuana, held on the University of Michigan’s campus. At Hash Bash, they rebel by smoking marijuana in public.


During Hash Bash this year, people everywhere were handing out business cards of doctors known to give the OK on receiving medical marijuana cards. This is because in 2008, the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act passed, which allows someone to legally smoke in public and buy marijuana from a licensed medical marijuana store such as 3rd Coast Compassion Center on 19 N. Hamilton St. in Ypsilanti. However, someone should be carrying a Medical Marijuana Registry Identification Card.


Although people are blatant about marijuana on U-M’s campus, the policies at Eastern are a completely different story. According to Greg O’Dell, the police chief at EMU, marijuana is prohibited on campus for any reason, including medicinal uses.


Brian Fitzgerald, head of Housing and Dining Services said though there were meetings in place discussing the possibility of allowing medicinal marijuana on campus, after looking at the possibilities, and other universities in Michigan as well as other states, EMU’s administration came to the conclusion that keeping campus a drug-free zone was best for the school.


The consequences for students are caught with marijuana on-campus will most likely be treated as a conduct issue, and the first offense would be a $100 fine. This applies to students who have a medical marijuana card and/or are not aware of the on-campus rule.


As for off-campus activities, stipulations are in order to buy and sell marijuana. The buyer has to have a card on them telling the seller that they had some kind of health condition allowing them to smoke it and the seller also has to have the same type of card.


In order to be cleared to smoke medical marijuana you need to have a medical condition. The conditions that will get a person a card without much question are cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, ALS, Crohn’s disease, Alzheimer’s and Nail Patella syndrome. Other health conditions can get a person a medical marijuana card, but they have to meet other specific criteria.


“You can find people who will hand out medical marijuana cards like candy. As long as you have $250,” Matt Lafleur, 23, said.


Lafleur is in the process of getting his card right now. “Contact doctors online, in the Metro-Times newspaper or in smoke shops,” he said.


He applied for a medical marijuana card because of his migraines. He was denied twice. Then, while shopping in a smoke shop, he was handed a card with a doctor’s name on it, and from then on he was set. It still has to be processed through the state, but as long as a doctor gives the okay, the state will not argue.


A doctor, who you will never have to see again, will send the state papers. It takes about 20 to 30 days to process the papers and then about 21 days to get the card. However, if a person has not gotten his or her card within that 21-day waiting period, he or she can legally smoke medicinally.


People’s Choice Alternative Medicine located in Ann Arbor is a private medical marijuana club run like a co-op. In order to join the club you need to have papers, such as your medicinal marijuana card, and a doctor’s OK. You can’t just walk in from the street and buy marijuana.


Adam Centofanti the general Manager of the club said, “The word dispensary is like a four letter word here in Michigan. Places like California have…dispensaries. The difference between having a private club and having a dispensary is a dispensary has customers who come in, buy the marijuana, and leave. They don’t have any part in running the business. People’s Choice Alternative Medicine is a safe haven for growers, patients and caregivers. We are the liaison in the mix”.


For more information on medical marijuana, you can visit Michigan’s medical marijuana website at www.michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/



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Yeah, probably should have capitalized all three letters...lol. I honestly can't say what emus' positions on are on MM, but I'm guessing they're pretty indifferent!



I was on the emu oil bandwagon, alternative medicine from the Australian outback, until I read the anonymous comment: "How's that working out for the emus"?


Still, I have to admit, it worked wonders rescuing my 92 yr old mother's arms and legs, not only softening the skin but reducing her bruising and swelling, as well.

Michigan farmed, Emusing Secrets, offers 4 oz. for $20 along with other good buys on soaps and lotions. My research indicated this outfit was instrumental

in promoting certification standards for regional growers and has what appears a solid background in natural cosmetics. Free shipping thru September 6, btw.



What flavor are Michigan Emus, I wonder? Taste like chicken but kinda gamey, or what? Strawberry, perchance?



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