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Clarification And Amendments To Mmj Law Time Has Come

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I believe it is time to contact, lobby,pettion whatever it takes to get some protection against these thug gangster rouge cops.If we do not they will continue to use loop holes to arrest and harass and intimidate patients.Suggestions please we need lobbyists we need the mmma more active on this issue.Do we need to hire lawyers I will contrbute.I run a compassion club and do abide by the laws.But I am still scared every meeting night the dooors are going to be busted in.We are a private by invitation only club no one just walks off the street into are club.WE are NOT a dispencerary we are a co-op of individuals trying to help each other learn to grow,be a caregiver,where to find a caregiver,also we are polticlay active an try to adress politicans who do not have our best interest at heart.So what to do we need we need more specific guidelines even leos can follow and if they do not there should be severe repercussions

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