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Looking 4Safe(Er) Mi-Area Forclosures?


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Greetings all-not really new memeber, but not yet a resident of MI and Im hoping to remedy that (among other things;) very soon. Wife & I have been seeing lots of low-buck forclosures in MI, but we have no clue what areas are better/worse as far as Law Enforcement presence & Med. support. I have plenty of time to look around and shop, so any and all suggestions/tips/advice/gossip/s**t u heard around the corner while someone was on the phone-whatever info you have to offer, I will most gladly accept.

I do check back here occaisionally, but a personal email to: big_busa@hotmail.com with any really "hot" leads on some nice, quiet, out-of-the-way cabin on a lake would be AWESOME! (or even a cozy shed w/a cot near a kiddie pool....but the larger the body of water, the better;) No need for a huge place-just looking for 2-3br w/GA, and basement/attic to convert for indoor aero/hydro setup. The smaller the population in the area, the better for me. Wife & I both travel for our reg. jobs right now, wouldn't mind a few more vs. few less miles on our cars if it means a 'nicer view' on the ride to/from home, if you catch my meaning?? We like to sight-see while driving (not too much, lol) so really not a fan of heavy urban developments.

I think that about covers it-have a safe/happy Labor Day, all!



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thanks for feedback evry1! wife n i are looking for homes moreso in the Southwestern MI area-South of Grand Rapids/Lansing and West of Ann Arbor becuz I'll be travelling to IL for school and work for 10-12mos after we move, and I have to upkeep property in Milw. and Tomahawk WI as well.

Saw some interesting stuff in Benton Harbor of late-how are the neighbors/police out in that area in terms of friendliness towards Growers? we found some nice farm-ish properties w/several acres avail alongside some decent houses. (ps:whoever told the real estate folks to list the amp-service rating for the homes...thanks for taking out the guesswork 4me-nice to know how many lights i can put in, lol;)


If anyone has some free time and wants to send me some Real estate flyers for SW Michigan homes in "The Boonies" as I like to call the far-removed wooded farmland domiciles:) -I'd be happy to PP you back for your troubles w/a lil extra on top of the shipping fees-or if you can just scan/copy/email me anything else, Im definitely still wide open to ideas.



Go Green!


(and NO I dont mean the Packers-seldom watch football, Im too busy in my garden;)

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