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Medical Marijuana T V Commercial

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I saw this and so I thought I would share it if it has not been shared on here already. It would be a nice thing to see about 10 different kinds of directed MM commercials on TV through out the day and night, seven days a week.


(If we can think it, it can happen!!)


This advertisement shows the true ignorance and stupidity Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard and other "Bouchards" have when they are intentionally hateful, cruel, self-righteous, and judgmental as they freely CHOOSE to make fun of, belittle, and try to degrade individuals they do not know and individuals who have done NOTHING TO THEM, solely because DECENT and peaceful individuals qualify for and have LEGALLY obtained the lawful right to choose a LEGALLY allowable and LEGALLY recognized medication that gives instant pain relief, causes NO VIOLENCE, no overdosing/deaths, and is not addictive.



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