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Reason.tv's New Video About Cannabis' Medical Value

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I have followed reason.tv and reason.com via their websites and youtube videos, the newest video is about cannabis and how it should be considered a miracle plant.


Through the video the focus is about those who are taking this drug, redistributing it or recommending it those in need.


Dr' Donald Abrams "If this were something discovered in the Amazon, everybody would be knocking doors down to do clinical trials to investigate it's potential because it is quite an amazing medicine."



older video of Drew Carey talking about dispensaries.


Reason.com search results for marijuana


This Drug War has to stop, there are too many victims and damage that has been caused by those who are attempting to protect us... LEAP forward LEO and think outside the box, think freely about absurd laws that cause more harm than good.


Seocond thoughts Officer Fife? These high ranking cops knew when to speak up.

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