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The Fascist State Of Wisconsin...

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I USED to live in a State where Cannabis was at least decriminalized. BUT, I moved home to Wisconsin to help my mom with her divorce and to try and get my finances in order, because I want to go to Law School. Unfortunately, my mom suffers from an extreme anti-cannabis bias because "it's illegal." I've been hoping to sublet a place in the U.P. or something, assuming that the law doesn't change here, so that I can attempt to send my symptoms into remission with consistent access to the right medicinal herbs. I suffer from, as best I know at this time,from: Fibromyalgia, Prostatalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Major Depression, Attention Deficit Disorder, Asthma (quite mlld now), Allergies and the side effects of chemical dependence on the anti-depressant Cymbalta. I also have tremors and am bothered by involuntary muscle contractions at times as well. Every once in a while, a new symptom seems to pop up and I have to undergo new tests to ensure that i don't have cancer or some sort of really serious illness. I'm taking antibiotics, in case my prostate (or someplace) is infected, but no infection has been found yet. SO, I'm eating A LOT of yogurt. Cannabis is my primary treatment for all of these conditions, except for the allergies. I suspect cannabis has a beneficial effect here as well but usually I need Benadryl or Loratadine. My pain and fatigue symptoms have become much worse recently because I interrupted my self dosage (for about two days) because my mom doesn't want me using it in the house, or anywhere nearby.


Now, I should just get my own place, but if I'm going to do this and get things in order for Law School I would just as soon live two hours or three hours north and be completely legal. I want to comply with the law. I had my pain down to the point where I was about 98% free of pain and chronic fatigue and without issue from anything else, by using, as often as I need to, the smallest possible doses to relieve my symptoms and prevent them from reaching the unmanageable state. I work almost full time, taking care of mentally retarded folks and use the rest of my time for various endeavors in video, writing, LSAT study and studing German and other Germanic tongues. With extensive student loans to repay and such I benefit a lot from living at home and don't want to cause discord. Therefore, I under-dosed myself for a few days, trying to see if I can conform to the new expectations...this was probably a bad idea, now I'm quite sick!


In addition to an increase in the mysterious "fibromyalgia" now I have similar pain in my prostate or someplace inside...again...this is very uncomfortable and compromises quality of life... I've had to go back to being more covert and now I'm using about twice as much cannabis as I was before I went under-dosed for about two days. I've been making a lot of little capsules filled with cooked (and then cooled) cannabis and olive oil, this is my primary form of ingestion. But, especially for the prostate area pain, I find that I need to inhale it as well. I need to find a good vaporizer, right now I'm just using cigarette shaped hitters, which I used to quit smoking cigarettes. I exercise regularly, eat healthy, and engage in physical therapy and other forms of professional therapy. This all helps to improve my overall health, but if I am to not be in constant pain, I need to have some sort of cannabis. If I keep living with my mom, I can save up my money and become a legal user in MI without completely disrupting my life, but it won't be okay to use cannabis openly in the meantime, even though I need this to function properly. OR, I can just get my own place again, soon, in the community that I live in...but this would mean postponing the move to MI and postponing the next plan, going to Law School (after my symptoms are controlled again. I'm too ill for this right now.) I will try to get Marinol before I attempt moving, but of course, this is, reportedly, an inferior pain killer to the plant itself and very difficult to get in non-MMJ States. I might not even be able to get that until I become a MI resident, or at least, without going to MI and seeing a doctor that does certifications. If Marinol DID have a help, even a little, it would make maybe make it easier to stick it through in WI, until I can get into a school in a place where I can legally obtain my medicine. I don't expect Marinol to work, really, but I kept hearing that "Wisconsin already has Medical Marijuana, it's called Marinol..." back when the timely passage of a medical cannabis law seemed possible, a few months ago. If WI already has Medical Marijuana in this form, why can't I obtain it? People with conditions like mine prosper in California, Oregeon, MI and other States with regular access to bud of known potency. I guess I'm just complaining, but I'm convinced I would be symptom free, or nearly so, if it weren't for it's illicit nature and for the fluctuations of the black market. Sound familiar to anybody, from a few years ago, before the law changed in your State? Does anybody have any words of inspiration? What would you do?

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I feel cannabis is only one branch of the tree of natural healing. You need to do more research on the multitude of natural healing/medicines available. Basically you need to clean out...purified water, herb teas and a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables...seriously. The foods of our society (and especially the mid-west!)are not conducive to healing or cleansing in any way...milk pizza ribs hot dogs etc etc. I know yogurt contains beneficial bacteria but I would say that is the last thing you need. Cow milk is very dead, and known to cause allergic type reactions. Get some good exercize, this will help to bring in oxygen as you sweat out the toxins. I really recommend chinese medicine and martial arts like tai-ji.


It took until I was in my late 20's to finally and fully be honest with my parents about ganjah and my use of it. They completely respect me now and have gained knowledge about the truth of this plant too. It may just take time for your mom to understand. I think our main purposein life is to help/serve our parents, I respect that you are there to help her. It is a fine balance to keep your truth and live by her wishes as well. I read in a book of macrobiotics, the author said to lie to your parents if neccessary to keep them comfortable and not worried about you.


As far as location, there is a great Canned Heat tune(or cover) called " Its the Same All Over"... this seems pretty accurate to me. You could very easily be registered as a patient here, but the prices seem almost the same as the underground. Is there a big difference between being "legal" or not? I'm not sure. No one but you can decide where to live. Ask the universe and you will be answered in your own mind. Guidance and Blessings.

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David son~


You are absolutely right, cannabis is only one small part of natural healing. My diet, since about April has been heavy in fresh fruits and vegetables, a lot of it from the local countryside. No fast food or fried food, except for Subway about once a week. I've been exercising a lot as well, I'm down about 25 pounds since the spring and I have only 25 more to go to get back to my ideal bodyweight. I've been abstaining from Alcohol for over two years, and tobacco for about 17 months. I have a consultation with an herbalist next week and I plan to start treatment with Chinese Medicine in October or November. I'm taking a vitamin D supplement and a multi-vitamin. I should reduce dairy, you're right, the yogurt is instead of taking a probiotic supplement. I this, or yogurt because otherwise the antibiotics kill most of the intestinal bacteria needed to digest food. Do you think taking a probiotic supplement capsule would be more advisable?


I've heard, from one doctor, that people with "Fibromyalgia" should take a supplement with Selenium in in; however according to my research, Selenium is highly toxic if your body has just a little bit too much. I'm doing a lot of meditation, energy work and starting Yoga soon.


Mostly I need Cannabis because I haven't found anything else to treat my acute pain, which can become quite severe. Cannabis also aids with my other problems. I know being legal isn't really that different from being underground, but it is scary to have no legal protection from Law Enforcement. Of course, Med. Mj. patients have faced various forms of censure in MI...up to and including raids. I am doing this work in the media, sometimes about the illegality of cannabis, and I fear that if I am too successful I might become a target, then I get worried about getting put on probation and such and having to face unnecessary pain. The "cure" for me isn't just having better access to Cannabis, it's having a lifestyle that supports my overall wellness.


Thanks for the advice, friend! Peace!

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