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Mdch Fy 2010-11 Approps Conference 9-21 8:45 Am

Greg Starks

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This is kind of an FYI - the committee rarely actually physically meets except to sign the conference report (which must be adopted by both chambers). Looking into how they intend to deal with the Cox decision, will keep all posted. I asked Chairman Cushingberry to fund 30 FTE's, among other fun wish list items, two weeks ago. More to come...

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This is the pertinent information from the conference report, which will become law when adopted by both chambers and signed by the Governor. There is an omnibus supplemental on the table this morning (now), that may contain corrective language, or may not. I'm off to find out what's up (if I can). More to come.


Sec. 726. (1) The department shall 1 submit a report by April 1

2 of the current fiscal year to the house and senate appropriations

3 subcommittees on community health, the house and senate fiscal

4 agencies, and the state budget director, on an annual basis, that

5 includes all data on the amount collected from medical marihuana

6 program application and renewal fees along with the cost of

7 administering the medical marihuana program under the Michigan

8 medical marihuana act, 2008 IL 1, MCL 333.26421 to 333.26430.

9 (2) If the required fees are shown to be insufficient to

10 offset all expenses of implementing and administering the medical

11 marihuana program, the department shall review and revise the

12 application and renewal fees accordingly to ensure that all

13 expenses of implementing and administering the medical marihuana

14 program are offset as is permitted under section 5 of the Michigan

15 medical marihuana act, 2008 IL 1, MCL 333.26425.


16 Sec. 727. By October 1, 2010 if authorized by law, the

17 department shall establish and implement a bid process to identify

18 a private or public contractor to provide management of the medical

19 marihuana program. By April 1 of the current fiscal year if

20 authorized by law, the department shall transfer responsibility for

21 management of the medical marihuana program to the contractor

22 identified by the bid process.

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