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Looking For Local Doctor To Approve Macomb


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Mrfixitmacomb, welcome to the MMMA. There must be some good doctors in Macomb. I wish I could tell you exactly where to get the help you need. I am confident that someone on this forum will help you soon.


What a system we have here. Humans are forced against their will to go see a doctor that they may not be able to afford to get paperwork signed, then against their will pay more money to the state, just for the opportunity to choose for their personal medication an herbal flower. And we have some humans who want to deny that choice to their fellow beings even after jumping through a myriad of political and financial hoops.

How did we let mentally ill people become in charge of others? (By mentally ill, I mean those humans who hate individual human rights. I mean, it must be a mental illness that convinces some that it is ok for some human beings to rule over their fellow beings without their consent.)

We can help them, but only if they want to have a glimmer of compassion for their fellow humans here. We can believe that they can be helped. Their hearts can be softened to include learning facts about MMJ, about individual humans who are being helped by MMJ, and individual humans who are being hurt by those who want to control others because of their fear and hatred of your individual human rights.


Best of luck to you Mrfixitmacomb. May your journey be positive for you and others as well...

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