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Gaines Township Will Study Rules Set By Other Governments


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I wish these freaking goody two shoes would show this much "concern" about the number of people dieing from PRESCRIPTION DRUG abuse by teens and others.




GAINES TOWNSHIP -- Uncertainty over medical marijuana issues have left township planning commissioners wanting more information before making recommendations on the issue to the Township Board.


Federal law says marijuana is still illegal, but Michigan voters approved the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.


Planning Commissioners this week held a public hearing on proposed zoning amendment changes that would prohibit medical marijuana dispensaries and force caregivers to transport medications to their patients.


One township resident, who is a medical marijuana patient and caregiver, told planning commissioners it would be safer and more regulated to allow a cooperative dispensary.


"We're still in such a limbo area. It all still seems very unclear to me," said planning commissioner Connie Giarmo.


"I'm not real comfortable with any of this and I'm not even real comfortable with how it became law," said planning commissioner Tim Haagsma.


They asked township planner Brian Tingley to obtain ordinances from other communities where marijuana has been banned, and where it has been regulated so that only medical personnel may dispense the drugs.


Tingley said the proposed ordinance was an attempt to strike a balance between federal law, the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act and the desire to preserve the integrity of the township neighborhoods and businesses.


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