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Hempy Buckets With Coco?


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Hi to everyone


I was reading on the icmag forums about hempy buckets with coco instead of all perlite and was wondering if anyone here has tried this or just regular hempy buckets?


To anyone not familiar with Hempy buckets, they are an extremely easy and effective way to grow. A hempy bucket can be made by taking bucket and drilling a 3/4" hole about 2 inches from the bottom f the pot depending on size. Once this is done, fill the pot just past the hole with perlite and then fill the rest of pot with coco. Flush it out with tap water once to remove the salts and plant rooted clone or seedling. Feed it with just water for about the first 2 weeks and then give nutrients per your preferred nutrients instructions.



I have not tried this yet, but plan on starting soon. By the pics I've seen it looks very effective. Anyone have any thing to add or tips on this would be great! Once I get going I will leave some pics.

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