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Learn, Live, & Grow Event October 25Th

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The Politics of Medical Marijuana: Hear one of the most credible and thoughtful voices for the use of medical marijuana, Gary Johnson, Former Governor of New Mexico. Mr. Johnson is an articulate and credible spokesman for the medical use and legalization of marijuana.


A Patients Story: Lynn Ray Allen, a medical marijuana patient who is going to share his struggles and triumphs. Mr. Allen has served as President of the Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan, Vice President of Cascade Hemophilia Consortium, is currently serving as Community Co-Chair for HIV/AIDS prevention community planning, and was a Board Member of the Lansing Area AIDS Network.


The Medical Side: Learn about the medical and scientific uses of marijuana from Robert Townsend, DO. Dr. Townsend will be discussing: what qualifies medically and who doesn't, how patient privacy is protected, when medical marijuana makes sense as a treatment alternative, and the benefits he has seen first hand as a doctor.


Legal Issues/Living Without Fear: Find out about the most current legal actions across Michigan and how to legally access this medication from Mary Chartier, Attorney at Law.


There will be an opportunity for questions and answers for each speaker!


Who should attend? Anyone who is interested in medical marijuana for their own use or the use of a loved one.


Why? Medical marijuana helps patients for a wide variety of problems such as: HIV/AIDS, glaucoma, cancer, and chronic pain. Medical marijuana has improved the lives of many people already and it is legal under Michigan law, if proper procedures are followed.


Find our more information in this relaxed, educational session! All are welcome and we will provide the time for the audience to ask questions of the experts!


This event will begin at 7pm at the West Campus of Lansing Community College in the Auditorium. Will we have media there, and are hoping ot have a large turnout. We look forward to seeing you all there! If you have any questions please feel free to email: micompassionatechoice@gmail.com.

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