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Human Resources And Medical Marijuana Audio Conference Today

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This course offering information was forwarded to me by my manager this morning.


The Course highlights are interesting:


During this comprehensive audio conference, you’ll get the answers to such questions as:


Do employers have to tolerate medical marijuana in the workplace?

Positive drug tests and medical marijuana: What now?

How far do employers have to go to accommodate medical marijuana use?

Federal law vs. state law: Which takes precedence?

Medical marijuana and the ADA: What should you be aware of?

Does the ACLU have a valid claim against Wal-Mart stores?

Our employment law experts, will also guide you through:


Terminating employees for medical marijuana use: Pitfalls to be aware of

Zero tolerance drug policies and medical marijuana

Pre-employment drug tests and medical marijuana use

Understand reasonable accommodation and essential job function issues under state and federal disability laws

Intermittent leave issues under state and federal family and medical leave laws

Discipline and discharge issues over alleged or confirmed employee use of marijuana

Medical marijuana use and OSHA compliance



The Center for Competitive Management is headquarter in New Jersey. The faculty for this course includes a lawyer from Denver and a former police officer, detective and undercover narcotics officer who is now a lawyer.


CCM audio conferences are live, interactive sessions presented over the telephone. You can attend from any location with phone access. You pay just one low registration fee for as many participants as you wish at one call-in location. Listen in from the convenience of your home our office or in your conference room with your entire team and immediately put what you've learned to work in your department or organization. The conference is scheduled for today, Thursday from 2:00 PM to 3:15 PM Eastern. Wonder what they'll be telling HR departments.

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The former police officer, detective and undercover narcotics officer who is now a lawyer referenced above is



• Kurt P. McCamman, Principal, Miller Canfield from KALAMAZOO, MI.





T: +1.269.383.5818

O: +1.269.381.7030

F: +1.269.382.0244

As a former police officer, detective and undercover narcotics officer, Kurt McCamman is in a unique position to serve his clients in his second career as a litigator. Having investigated every felony from burglary to sexual assaults to murder, Kurt learned through experience how to ask the tough questions and “read” people under the most extreme conditions imaginable. Now, as an attorney, he is able to get to the root of issues quickly and use those skills to better serve his clients. He is also adept at effectively communicating his clients’ positions to judges, juries and arbitrators.

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