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Here is some info from michigan.gov "Currently staff is issuing registry identification cards for valid applications received at the end of June. We continue to review and revise our processing methods in order to more efficiently process and issue the valid registry cards."

Sure would be nice if the law was written so we could just go to the Sec of State, hand in our app and get our card there. Wishful thinkin...

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Why? They are worthless anyway with the way people are getting arrested. They can't be used in court as a defense in a criminal charge unless you live in the right community. Everyone is just going to go underground again.

I'd guess the state figures its making more money in fines, penalties and from taking peoples homes and cars in forfeitures than they are bringing in with their permit fees.

Can you think of any other state law that has been made in the last 50 years that actually "does'nt apply"?

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