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Michael Komorn & Planet Green Trees Radio

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Good morning,



My wife and I wanted to give our heartfelt thanks to Michael Komorn & Planet Green Trees Radio for inviting us to attend the broadcast last night.


We thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Chad, Ron, Jay, Tony, PeanutButter, and Neil (sp) from NORML. (I know I'm forgetting a few names but I've only had one cup of coffee)


Again, Michael...thank you so much for the invitation. My only gripe is that the show isn't two hours as I would have loved to have been able to talk more about the sad and ridiculous state of affairs in Oakland County.


You touched on their use of the word/phrase "The Crusades" being used by The Three Stooges of Oakland County against all of us.


I thank-you for being the leader that you are for those charged with crimes that ARE NOT ILLEGAL in any way, shape, or fashion the way I interpret the law.



Kudos to Komorn!





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Hey mizerman can you pass along a suggestion to the show for me? I would like to see a chat accompany the live stream...are there any talks about getting that going? I would also like to see some listener numbers possibly listen on the stream page...just so we know how many people are being reached each week.....


also, once that is addressed, I would love to help with marketing for the show, and possibly getting more high profile guests on the show, if thats something they would be interested in...


please let me know,


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