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Cbs Reporter Arrested On Drug Charges


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Some [wannabe] Journalists are Yellow; And, some are ...


well, GREEN!


Go Green!


Not sure if this is "old news" or "new news;" But, here's the headlines, FYI:


"CBS reporter arrested on drug charges"


And, here's the link:




And, to be better informed, here's a link to a list of some of the vast, newsworthy accomplishments of "just another 'pothead'" - like us. (Well ... perhaps, more or less; Or, maybe, less or more ...)




And, here's a link to a list of CBS News coverage of other "Marijuana" related headlines:





CANNABIS CURES - Without Fears.



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I'm going to assume the guy had it for his own use, the story seems like the same one I read when they busted Everbody's, mastermind criminals, tons of dangerous drugs off the street, all that jazz. Anyhow, this reporter's body of work sure puts the lie to the "pothead" stereotype.

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