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Here's Something We Can 'all' Agree On.


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Colorado is starting a State approved program that will help lower income people receive their 'cards' without an 'application fee' as well as NOT having to pay taxes on their 'medications'.


This is something Michigan should also consider.


Many 'patients' in our State also need this kind of help.




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I couldn't agree more. The state is in overdrive trying to reign in the rights that the people gave us. If the state really wanted to do the right thing it could waive all taxes and fees for the disabled. I'm sure they're aware that SSI/SSA recipients haven't received a cost of living raise for two years.


Yes, I believe it would be a great help to the 'patients' of Michigan.


But just as with the MMJ law that was passed here in Michigan, this 'change' to help those that need help in obtaining their 'meds' will, I believe, NOT come from our cowardly 'politicians' in Lansing.


If any 'positive changes' to our MMJ law come about it will AGAIN be something that the VOTERS of Michigan pass themselves.


Here in Michigan 'politicians' that would have the 'courage' to take such a chance on bringing something like this effort to the House and Senate in Lansing DO NOT EXIST.


AND IF they did exist they would be FAR OUT NUMBERED by those that 'oppose' our MMJ law and would like to see it abolished.


The VOTERS of Michigan will again have to make ANY positive change to our MMJ law... it will NOT come out of Lansing.

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